Approval planning

To fulfill all prerequisites for financing by banks
as well as erection and operation of our solar parks,
we prepare all required documents.

Site analysis

Diligent and extensive site analysis is the premise for profitable success:

  • Measurement of the area
  • Overflight with unmanned aerial vehicles for generation of a digital terrain model (optional)
  • Preparation of a geological survey
  • Driving tests

Solar park planning Helios 3D

Location specific plant configurations are designed with
Helios 3D planning software, one of the most powerful
programs on market.

Electrical design

Our solar parks warrant high profitability.
For this we entrust the profitability expertise as well as simulations
to an accomplished and designated expert with about three GigaWatts project references.

MS Project

Plan and realize quickly and precise:
For professional project management we use the project planning software „MS Project“.
With this we establish a temporal scope for each individual project.

Quality assurance

Before we integrate and install a module into our solar parks we test it.
By that we can warrant for the predicted yield of electric power throughout
the complete operating time of the plant.

Purchase of system components

As independent planning and design specialists we are not bound be volume contracts,
instead we buy exactly those system components, which are best suited for the respective
solar park.

Building the solar park

Speed, punctuality, quality and performance building our solar parks
is understood.

Network connection

After completion we connect every solar park on all voltage levels professionally
to the public power supply system.

Operating the solar park

Thanks to our great degree of experience in operation of solar parks we ensure for
unchanging and high revenues.

Financing the solar park

Be it regional, national or international – we also structure the funding of the
solar parks – all over the world.

Project development in pictures

Bild: Project development
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